Mitsubishi Combines

3' - 4' Header

Combines specifically designed for operation in small fields.  They will harvest rice, wheat, oats, barley and specialty crops using a unique head threshing chamber that yields cleaner grain while using less power.  Using both advanced pneumatic and mechanical separation methods, these head threshing combines serve the exacting needs of the agricultural researcher for the cleanest grain possible.  The pick up tines featured on all of these combines will efficiently collect lodged or downed grain, reducing your field loss.


Standard features include rubber tracks, which give greater stability and reduce soil compaction.  A tight turning radius and a no-clutch gradual speed change lever permits the operator to maneuver with controlled speed and confidence in restricted areas, whatever the field condition.  An automatic sensor determines the stalk length so that only the head is fed into the threshing chamber.  The sensor can be adjusted by the operator  Also within easy reach are levers to control the rate at which the grain is threshed and the rate of the combine's travel down the row to best match the given field situation.



Models and specifications subject to change without notice.