Mitsubishi Combines

57" - 80" Header


The 57"-80" header combines use larger water cooled diesel engines, wider tracks and dual threshing drums to increase their harvesting capacities.  The operation of this unique head threshing mechanism becomes more precise with sensor equipped monitors regulating the threshing by the length of grain head.  Two counter operating threshing drums, capacity controlled screens and sensor monitored sieves delivers exceptionally clean grain.  The larger threshing chamber allows space for access to clean out and maintain the critical threshing components.  Grain is retrieved from the tank through an unloading auger.


Travel speed with hydraulic drive, header adjustment and the threshing components all have controls and settings that the operator can use to adjust for the most efficient harvesting.  Set on shock absorbing rubber crawler tracks, run with an efficient powerful diesel engine and designed with an energy efficient clean threshing system these are very cost effective combines for harvesting small acreage.  Larger combines using a rotary screw threshing system with a five foot trunnion header on crawler tracks are also available.  



Models and specifications subject to change without notice.